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Tranquillity Reed Diffuser by St Eval


Tranquility Reed Diffuser <3

The scent is so calming & relaxing- simply pour the oil into the glass bottle, insert the reeds and let the gorgeous aroma fill the air.

Handmade in Cornwall, UK

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Gift Wrap Design

green leaves (£2.25)

  • green leaves flat wrap
  • flowers flat wrap
  • polka dots wrap
Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


  • Each gift box comes with a frosted glass display bottle, 10 reeds and bottle of our best selling Tranquility fragrance.
  • The bottle takes 150ml of fragrance, and the reeds are 3mm in diameter and 25cm in length.
  • Both refills and reeds are available to buy separately.
  • The fragrance is a relaxing blend of lavender, orange & ylang ylang.
  • Handmade in Cornwall, UK.