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Tigerbom Seedbom by Kabloom


Aahh! There’s a Tiger in the Garden!! 🙂

This fabulous seedbom contains an easy to grow flower mix inspired by orange and black tiger stripes.

the seedmix inside contain the following- Black Cornflower, African Daisy Orange Glory, Rudbeckia And Californian Poppy.

Lets Grow a tiger in your garden!

Handmade in the UK.



18 in stock

Gift Wrap Design

green leaves (£2.25)

  • green leaves flat wrap
  • flowers flat wrap
  • polka dots wrap
Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


Product Features;

  • First shake the seedbom a few times to distribute seeds inside.
  • Trigger by pulling the pin to remove the seal and submerge in water until fully soaked inside and out.
  • Throw or drop onto bare open ground that’s in need of beautification.
  • Make sure it’s split open to allow seedlings to sprout out!
  • For best results use within 1 year of purchase.
  • Made in the UK.