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The Boss Cheesboard by Tim Foxall


The boss Cheeseboard 🙂

perfect for cheese lovers 🙂

handmade in the UK.

1 in stock

Gift Wrap Design

green leaves (£2.25)

  • green leaves flat wrap
  • flowers flat wrap
  • polka dots wrap
Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


Cheeseboards measure approximately 100mm in width, 300mm in length and 10mm in thickness.

No two cheeseboards will ever be exactly the same.

They don’t use templates.

Each piece of wood is different, and the shape, curve and grain make up the character of each board.  Cut, sanded, finished and oiled by hand, each one is unique, and the photographs should be treated as a fairly accurate guide only.

The example shown in the photo here is in ash.