Pirate Colour-in Fancy Dress by Eggnogg


Avast ye landlubbers!

Imagine you are the captain of the black pearl and are sailing across the seven seas in the search of buried treasure!

First colour your outfit in and then with adult supervision cut it out and then your Adventure-aaaaar begins.

Colour-in Pirate Fancy Dress Outfit comes with paper tabard and pirate hat, eye patch, beard and dagger.

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Gift Wrap Design

Christmas dachshund (£2.25)

Gift Wrap Design

Christmas dachshund (£2.25)

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


Each pack contains a colour-in costume (700mm x 500mm) plus accessories, and has Velcro tabs so it can easily be attached to clothes without pins.  They are suitable for use with coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, chalks, paints and felt tips. All outfits are made from strong, fire-resistant paper, fully tested with CE mark, and are presented in a small (250mm x 150mm), attractive and lightweight box that’s easy to carry or pop in the post, making it the perfect gift.


Designed and printed in the UK.